J&A held an event for over 30 business owners in Florida. The topic of discussion was exiting vs thinking defensively in current markets. The presentation can be downloaded here.

We want to thank all our Florida partners, clients, and employees for attending the “Exiting vs Thinking Defensively” dinner in January. It is always a pleasure to experience the energy of everyone we work with. We will continue to deliver peak performance for our Florida clients.

– Joshua Jahani, Managing Director


Joshua Jahani

Joshua is an energetic and passionate leader, technologist, and consultant with over 10 years of strategic planning, tactical centered implementation, and management consulting experience. Joshua utilizes proven qualitative and analytical skills driven by business objectives and up to date technology. He has spearheaded the movement towards rapid evolution and sustainable growth using rigorous profitability, ROI, and TCO analysis for organizations of all sizes. Working with exciting start ups in digital advertising or large Fortune 500 companies keeps him traveling all over the world. He graduated from Cornell University.

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