Joshua Jahani

Joshua JahaniJoshua Jahani is an energetic and passionate leader, technologist, and consultant with over 11 years of strategic planning, tactical centered implementation, and management consulting experience.

Joshua utilizes proven qualitative and analytical skills driven by business objectives and up to date technology. He has spearheaded the movement towards rapid evolution and sustainable growth using rigorous profitability, ROI, and TCO analysis for organizations of all sizes. Working with exciting start ups in digital advertising or large Fortune 500 companies keeps him traveling all over the world. He graduated from Cornell University with a Masters in Financial Systems and Strategic Management and holds his Bachelors in Pre-Medical Studies.

He serves as a lecturer in New York University’s School of Professional Studies Entrepreneurship and Management classes. Driven by a passion to make a difference he teaches courses in Mergers and Acquisitions, Talent Acquisition, and Strategy.