Joshua Jahani is a Cornell alum, NYU Lecturer, and owner of Jahani & Associates – an investment banking firm focused on identifying and developing a company’s intangible assets to maximize its value. The firm’s Intangible Asset Methodology™ (IAM) is built on systems engineering principles to identify, develop, and monetize intangible assets across a variety of verticals.

Utilizing proven qualitative and analytical skills driven by business objectives and up to date technology, he has spearheaded the movement towards rapid evolution and sustainable growth using rigorous profitability, ROI, and TCO analysis for organizations of all sizes. Working with exciting start-ups in digital advertising or large Fortune 500 companies keeps him traveling all over the world. Joshua earned his Masters of Engineering at Cornell University and teaches courses on Strategy, Finance, and Entrepreneurship at NYU. His current research interests are Intangible assets, goodwill calculation and sustainability, the customer franchise value in subscription businesses, and value-based healthcare systems and technology. He has a passion for uncovering how to create corporate value that is not shown on financial statements.

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