The rise of intangible assets is well under way. Since 1995 and the dot-com boom the value of firm has shifted off a company’s financial statements and into its intangible assets. The narrow definition of intangible assets by regulators and investors causes innovative companies to be consistently under-valued.

This undervaluation exacerbates the difficulty innovators have when aligning their competitive advantages such as: Operational efficiencies, competitive business combinations, and cutting-edge technology with the business needs of a market. Systems engineering represents a powerful framework for solving this problem. Jahani & Associates has developed a scalable and iterative process to identify, develop, and monetize a company’s intangible assets to maximize its value. The methodology uses reporting standards from regulators and investors to align the competitive advantages of an innovative firm with business and investor needs of a select industry.

Systems engineering and systems engineering principles are the core of this service. In this presentation, Joshua Jahani will review the problems faced by the innovation community and the urgency for an adequate solution. He will review extensive industry research around how intangible assets are acquired by technology and health insurance giants and then pivot into showing how a company can build and measure value based on systems engineering and the IAMâ„¢.

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